Due to the ongoing concerns surrounding COVID-19:
Safety Plus Training has taken the following actions to ensure the health and safety of all attendees coming to and from our First Aid / Rescue courses.


Training Preparation


-         Limited participant numbers for courses dependent on venue size.

-         Venue cleaning undertaken using TGA approved disinfectant (we use Viraclean)

-         If persons booked in for training are unwell, please do not attend, we will arrange for persons to be rescheduled to a later date.

-         Only clients with demonstrated need for the training will be accepted on courses. For example, if it is an immediate requirement of your job.

Training Delivery


-         Assessment of participants on arrival of training - basic assessment.

-         Social distancing – tables and chairs are spread further apart.

-         Hand sanitizer is available at each course.

-         Medical gloves available for practical use.

-         No participant to participant contact.

-         Training completed using trauma manikins or simulators.

-         All equipment cleaned after use.



Please contact the office if you have any concerns or questions regarding the above.


Kind Regards,



Safety Plus Training